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Historic Timeline

Prior to 1800 -  Aboriginal people have been occupying Australia for millennia. A group of people known as the Pinjunga tribe occupied the area around modern-day Penola with the arrival of the first Europeans. The Pinjungas were part of a much larger group known as the Ngarrindjeri who controlled most of the land south of the Murray River. The last survivor of the Pinjunga tribe “Yallum Jacky” died in 1900 in Adelaide. He was employed by John Riddoch to help with his farming activities and resided at Yallum with his wife Kitty.

1840 - Solomon, Josiah & Thomas Austin squatted on 117 square miles and built a house using stone picked up out of the paddocks.

1851 - Sold the lease to Thomas and Harry Wells who built the second house in 1857.

1861 - John Riddoch acquired the property and built the third house in 1863.

1878 - John Riddoch started to build the main house which was completed in 1880.

1881 - June - HRH Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence (1864-1892) and midshipman HRH Prince George Frederick Ernest Albert, Duke of Cornwall and York were entertained and stayed the night at Yallum Park. Prince George went on to become King George the 5th.

1890 - 1,147 acres were subdivided into10 & 20 acre blocks 6 miles north of Penola. This was known as the Penola Fruit Growing Colony which later became Coonawarra.

1891 -  The first commercial grapevines were planted in Coonawarra.

1896 - John Riddoch built stone cellars at Coonawarra. This is currently known as Wynns.

1901 - July 15th, John Riddoch died at Yallum Park. His wife preceded him in October 1881.

1906 - 17,182 acres were sold to the Government for closer settlement.

1912 - December 4th - The final sale of Yallum by auction comprising of 13,636 acres. Some of the blocks were passed in, including the block with the main house.

1914 - June, WA Clifford bought 2,258 acres including the house from the trustees. 900 acres is still being used for beef breeding and cropping. 


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